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Reasoning with Arithmetic

“Reasoning with Arithmetic” book set is the math curriculum developed using Biblical principles.  These books were born out of a challenging search to find a math curriculum taught from a Biblical world view.  It uses America’s historic method of teaching through Biblical reasoning. “Reasoning with Arithmetic” book set is the math curriculum that completes the “Easy Reasoning” curriculum.

This Biblically based curriculum sets out to make an easier task of teaching Arithmetic. “Reasoning with Arithmetic” uses a precept-upon-precept format that tells the teacher, word-for-word, what to say.

It teaches reasoning through Biblical principles by:

  • Showing Biblical foundation for the principles of Arithmetic
  • Learning vocabulary used in Arithmetic
  • Learning principles of Arithmetic
  • Learning how to relate one area of Arithmetic to another

 The benefits of learning these things:

  • It gives the student a basis from which to reason
  • The student gets a clear picture of Arithmetic and what it encompasses -developing a mastery of arithmetic
  • The teacher as well as the student can get a clear picture of what the student actually knows in Arithmetic
  • A student can learn Arithmetic much more quickly
  • A student can gain more of an understanding of God through Arithmetic

“Reasoning with Arithmetic – Teacher Guide”

“Reasoning with Arithmetic – Teacher Guide” contains the explanation of the Biblical philosophy of Arithmetic.  It is designed to be used in conjunction with “Reasoning with Arithmetic - Student Book” or it can be used to give a deeper understanding to any other math curriculum.

“Reasoning with Arithmetic” shows how the foundational principles and definitions are derived out of God’s nature and character, showing His orderliness, His infinite nature, etc.


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